My Ship Art(?)


The Horn Line's M.S.Hornfels in Costa Rican waters. The sharks are real! I watched them one afternoon for hours cruising around the bay at Puerto Limon from the bridge deck of the Hornfels. At any one time there were at least three of them visible.rnfAt any one time there wereels in Costa Rica

Burns & Laird M.V. Royal Scotsman River Clyde, Scotland, 1937

Operation Torch 1942 - Corvette HMS Spey, HMS Queen Emma and HMS Royal Scotsman underway in Convoy KMF1 when attacked by Luftwaffe-Kampfgeschwader II/KG26 (based in Sardinia) 30 miles from Cape Palos, Spain

Burns & Laird M.V. Royal Scotsman on the Firth Of Clyde outward bound for Belfast

Burns & Laird M.V. Royal Ulsterman Outward bound from Glasgow to Belfast, 1937

Burns & Laird Identical sister ships MV Royal Scotsman & MV Royal Ulsterman

(To identify which ship was which, the Royal Scotsman had a Thistle replica mounted on the top of the foremast; the Royal Ulsterman had a Shamrock replica mounted on the bow).


Burns & Laird M.V . Lairds Loch Outward bound on the evening route from Glasgow to Londonderry. The ilse of Ailsa Craig -"Paddy's Milestone" - lies astern.

Burns & Laird M.V. Lairds Loch

Early morning underway to Glasgow. She departed Londonderry the night before.

Burns & Laird M.V. Lairds Loch On the Clyde Estuary in summer

Bank Line, Andrew Weir M.V. Cloverbank Tanga, Tanzania

Bank Line, Andrew Weir M.V. Weybank passing the Esplanade Moorings, Calcutta

Bank Line, Andrew Weir M.V. Weybank Land ahead after the storm

Bank Line, Andrew Weir M.V. Cedarbank Monsoon, Bay of Bengal

Bank Line, Andrew Weir M.V. Ernebank Hooghly River, pilotage to Calcutta

Lowland Tanker Co., BTC, BP M.V. Border Regiment Suez Canal

Lowland Tanker Co., BTC,BP

M.V. Border Chieftain - underway in the Bay of Biscay - "Suez for orders"

Horn Linie, Hamburg M.S. Hornsee Carribean Sea, bound for Trinidad

Horn Linie, Hamburg M.S. Hornfels

P&O S.S. Carthage Aden, 1956

P.&O. S.S. Khyber Suez Canal, 1927

P.&O. S.S. Khiva entering Colombo Harbour, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1927

Blue Funnel Line M.V. Cyclops Hong Kong


Blue Funnel Line M.V. Adrastus Keppel Harbour roads, Singapore

M.S. Wallenfels - N.W. coast of Scotland

M.S. Berlin - departing Warnemuende/Rostock WarneWarnemunde

M.S. Dresden - "Rolling Home" approaching Warnemuende/Rostock

S.S. Carthage arriving at dusk, Colombo, Ceylon

Blue Funnel Line M.V. Bellerophon Port of London

Ben Line Steamers Ltd. M.V. Bendoran Approaching Rangoon, Burma


Ellerman Line M.V. City Of Birmingham Beira, Mozambique

Clan Line Steamers Ltd. M.V. King Alexander (originally King Line vessel)

Ellerman Line M.V. City Of Oxford Arriving at Bonny, Nigeria

United Fruit Corp. S.S. Calamares Puerto Limon, Costa Rica


Shaw Savill M.V. Cymric New Zealand coast

Blue Star Line M.V. Canberra Star

Blue Star Line M.V. Hobart Star

Dutch Shell M.V. Cinulia Port Augusta, Sicily