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  14.01.2023 - My Ship Art - M.M. PIERRE LOTI

  21.01.2023 - My Ship Art - M.M. CHAMPOLLION

  15.11.2023 - 2024 Calendar UK - 2024 Kalender Deutsch

  25.01.2024 - My Ship Art - Blue Funnel MARON

  25.01.2024 - My Ship Art - Elder Dempster MANO

  09.02.2024 - My Ship Art - Clan Line CLAN MACYNTIRE

  17.02.2024 - My Ship Art - Blue Funnel JASON

  08.03.2024 - My Ship Art - BP Tanker BRITISH CORMORANT

  13.03.2024 - My Ship Art - Clan Line CLAN MACINNES

01.04.2024 - My Ship Art - Blue Funnel IXION



                      2024 Calendar UK    +    2024 Kalender Deutsch

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Welcome to Junglecat.de


'Tis all a Chequer-board of

    Nights and Days

Where Destiny with Men

    for pieces plays:

Hither and thither moves,

    and mates, and slays,

And one by one back in the

    Closet lays.

(Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam)