MV Royal Scotsman Models

M.V.Royal Scotsman - Paper/Card Model

The photos below are of a paper/card model that I recently built of the RS. Because

I could not find any building plans of the vessel I had to make my own from photos of

the RS and some guesswork. It is far from being a masterpiece but I had fun building it and learnt a lot from the mistakes I made along the way.

The model is embeded in a sea made from mixing Ultramarine Blue artists oil paint with

window putty and after spreading and forming it onto the base of a Trumpeter Display Case the waves were painted with Titanium White oil paint.

The first photo was taken with the plexiglass display cover mounted - the others without.

M.V.Royal Scotsman - Plaster of Paris model

The photos below are of a Plaster of Paris model of the Royal Scotsman/Royal Ulsterman.

This model was made by Dinky Toys before and after WWII. When I was a young boy I bought one of these models aboard the RS. Models sold aboard the RS had a Royal Scotsman label pasted underneath. If sold aboard the RU the label was replaced by a

Royal Ulsterman one.

The model shown below is offered on eBay UK. It has apparently weathered a number of storms - the masts were broken and replaced by what look like toothpicks? and some of the glossy cardboard decal is missing.

The model was heavy for its size (approx. 7" or 17.5cm in length) because of the weight

of the plaster and was very susceptible to damage if dropped.

Although it is a very basic model, its dimensions are pretty accurate and I wish I had these photos before I built the RS paper model.

I never thought that I would ever see another of these PoP models again - they bring back

nostalgic memories!